Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filter

Why Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is typically used in situations where traditional 3-stage or 4-stage systems would not suffice. RO is a stronger filter removing or reducing almost 100% of all contaminants in the water. It is used in situations where the water is loaded with minerals which traditional filters are not made to remove.

Installing a RO system as a pre-filter is extremely important for people with (Kangen) Ionizers living in areas with high amounts of minerals in their water. Because of the electrical current flowing in the ionizer and high levels of PH, the excess calcium in the water is attracted to the platinum plates inside causing the plates to work less efficiently and ultimately damaging your machine. Without a proper RO system installed as a pre-filter, your (Kangen) Ionizer is in danger of malfunctioning and not producing the correct PH levels.

How is our RO different?

Unlike most other RO systems, sold in stores and online, which for every gallon of drinking water produced between 4-20 gallons of water is wasted. We pride ourselves by supplying our customers with a 1-4 ratio system using a permeate pump which aids in producing higher levels of drinking vs wastewater. This means for every gallon of usable water produced only four gallons of water goes to waste. This in turn puts more money in our customer’s pocket – that’s you, with extra savings on your monthly water bills. The permeate pump allows the holding tank to fill up to higher pressure with less water waste, uses no electricity, and provides faster RO production allowing your unit not to work as long which gives longer filter and membrane life.