We offer custom installations on a variety of products.


All types of faucets

  • Ionizer faucets      
  • Custom filter faucets
  • Regular filter faucets
  • Under counter water filtration units
  • Counter-top water filtration units
  • Under counter water ionizers including sd501u
  • Counter-top water ionizers
  • Counter-top water ionizers under the counter
  • Whole house water filtration units
  • Whole house water softeners
  • Leak controls and leak detectors

Deep Cleaning Services

In addition to the regular cleaning, Enagic recommends doing a deep cleaning once a year whether you have hard water or soft water. We can conveniently do it in your home. This ensures peak performance and great tasting water from your ionizer.

Servicing Water Filters

Let us help you keep your filters operational!

We carry most replacement filters and can replace most filters including:

  • Whole house water filters
  • Under counter water filtration units
  • Counter-top water filters
  • Reverse Osmosis.