Ionizer Faucet 06 for Enagic Alkaline Machines

In comparison to our original Ionizer faucet 01, the IF06 has a more current, redesigned appearance. Simple lines offer a modern look that will go great with today's kitchen faucet. It is designed to keep your Ionizer machine above the counter and has a quick release nut for simple removal of your water ionizer unit. For the ultimate look, add the metal extension tube.


Kit Includes:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Universal Tee Adapter 1/2"NPT and 3/8 Comp. 
  • Faucet Connector
  • Faucet Base
  • Faucet Washer
  • Rubber Base Washer
  • 3/8' White Tubing 



Width:  1-5/8"

Height: 3-1/4"