Deep Cleaning Services

Over time, your ionizers will have a mineral buildup and will need maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. In areas where there is hard water, you will need to manually clean your machine at least once a month, here is a video tutorial on how to do just that:

In addition to the regular cleaning, Enagic recommends doing a deep cleaning once a year whether you have hard water or soft water. We can conveniently do it in your home. We have a special device built for your water ionizer that circulates the special cleaning solution (food grade citric acid) through the machine passing through the electrolysis plates effectively cleaning off the mineral deposits. This ensures peak performance and great tasting water from your ionizer.

Alternatively, we provide full in home service to change your filters for you. Our filters are compatible with many filter housing brands. Whether  you purchased the system from us or from another vendor, we can change your filters for you. You can schedule service by calling us at 718-534-6985.

Why Deep Cleaning?

With use, your machine accumulates calcium deposit on its plates. This is caused by the electrons in the plates being excited by the electricity running through it reacting with the calcium found in the water and attracting it to the plates like a magnet. This causes a crust on the plates making the machine work less efficiently. Over time, the calcium buildup will completely block the plates greatly hindering your machines performance.

How often should I deep Clean?

It is recommended to preform an E-Clean on your machine on your own once every one to two weeks as per Enagic’s recommendation.

For most households deep cleaning should be preformed 1 to 2 times every 6-12 months.

In some cases, if you see the glass in your water bottles, tea pot, or shower doors lose its clarity and transparency, meaning you have high amounts of minerals in your water, a whole house water filter   (place link) with water softener is highly recommended to be installed. Additionally, deep cleaning will need to be performed more often than specified above.

How can I get my machine deep cleaned?

We give full in home service and can come to your home or office to clean your machine. Alternatively, you can bring your machine to our office and we can clean your machine, or we can disconnect and reconnect your machine for bringing to Enagic.