What is The Problem Using Hot Water on Shabbat?

Turning the hot water on in a faucet on the Sabbath is prohibited. This is because it causes hot water to be released from the water heater tank that supplies the hot water in a home. When hot water is released from the water heater tank, new fresh cold water immediately enters the tank. This []


How WaterGlory’s Water Heating Work:

Our ShabHOT™ Mode (S-Mode) features a control system which regulates the temperature to an exact degree allowing you to keep the temperature at a permissible level on Shabbat. The S-mode has a patented system that uses a double random control process, thus removing the operation of the system from being a direct action of hot water […]


Plumbers Support

 First plumbers workshop after receiving highly respected Rabbinical endorsements. More than 25 plumbers from New York and New Jersey participated.  The plumbers learned how to install the ShabHOT Controller, a Hallachically sound answer to using hot water on Shabbat.   With this invention people can enjoy Oneg Shabbat, wash dishes on Erev Shabbat and use […]



Frequently Asked Questions

Who endorsed the Sterling “ShabHOT™” water heater? Can I use hot water to wash the dishes on Shabbat? Do I need to purchase a new Water Heater? How can I buy the ShabHOT™ Water Heater Controller? How much does it cost? What is your return policy? Can I save energy heating my water? Can the […]


Rabbinical Endorsement

Karlsburger Bais Din – R. Chezkel Roth Vaad Hakashrus Meged Yehudah Congregtion Nitei Gavriel R. G. Zinner Rabbi Abraham Blumenkrantz Rabbi E. Fisher – Head of Gur Kolel, Brooklyn


Real Stories

“I love the Shabbat Water Heater, I save money now when no one is showering and at night when my family is asleep” “The Shabbat Mode makes my wife happy…Now I can control the water temperature” Feldman J.   “I love the automatic ignition” “My wife and I love the Shabbat Mode” “The temperature is […]