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NanoCeram Water Filter Reduces Removes Virus Cysts Bacteria Lead VOCs Replacemet

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High Particle Capacity Electropositive Filter Media

Reduced Costs &
Enhanced Operations

Prefiltering fine and coarse particulate from water sources leads to dramatically improved performance and cost reductions.

* Reduce capital intensive backflush, chemicals, and membrane replacements.
* Increase reverse osmosis, carbon, ozone, and ultra violet filter performance.
* Reduce spray nozzle micro-abrasions in finished goods manufacturing.

Greater Dirt Holding

NanoCeram® is a broad spectrum particle adsorber that provides a DHC that is a hundred times greater than conventional filters.

* Fewer system replacement elements.
* Lower maintenance and operational costs.
* Less system downtime and increased production.

NanoCeram® filters utilize a highly electropositive filter media that rapidly adsorbs particles, no matter how small. As a result, each NanoCeram® electropositive water filter has a high capacity for particles as large as tens of microns or as small as a few nanometers (submicron and colloidal).

The nature of electropositive attraction is such that even with an average pore size of 2 - 3 microns the NanoCeram® Filter Cartridge exhibits an Absolute Rating of 0.2 microns - typically associated with ultraporous membranes. Yet NanoCeram® flow rates are hundreds of times greater than such membranes.